When your world is the kaleidoscope the artist Amir lives in, it’s easy to see where he finds so much inspiration. His background is truly colorful—Cherokee, Ghanian and German. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he is inspired every day by free-spirited California. Its art scene, its beaches, its people.

At age five, Amir’s mother signed him up for piano lessons at an after school program in West Los Angeles. No one would know the impact these lessons would have on him until a few years later. Touching others through art would be a passion that would forever stay with him. He joined drama school programs in high school and beyond, continuing to feed this passion.

An artrepreneur through and through, today Amir is a content producer, sound designer, songwriter and media proprietor. He is especially drawn to visual communication. Art is his outlet for self-expression and a bridge to share his perspective with others. When he doesn’t have the words to express himself, he always has the art.

He’s fortunate to have had a creative role model to look up to, who just happens to be his father—an executive producer on many media projects, including The Big Break Show. This further fueled Amir’s interest in art and entertainment.

Amir’s father passed away on August 6, 2018. This left Amir in a sadness unlike anything he’d ever known, leading him to take a hiatus.

The hiatus lasted a year, during which Amir fell into a depression. But his love for the liberal arts is what brought him out of it. Amir’s latest project is the EP "I Got Somethin’ to Say," which is set to release in
February 2020. It was his way of expressing his pain and releasing his emotions.

What got Amir through was the strength that his father instilled in him. One of his father’s quotes was “Our lives are similar to the trees you see. They shed in the winter and grow in the spring.” In other words, life goes on, literally. Amir doesn’t believe in letting setbacks keep him from chasing his dreams, and he hopes to inspire others in the same way.